Our mission is to
Transform Lives
with Data.

If you’re on board with that, let us help.

Secure Data Kit works hand in hand with nonprofit organizations to simplify the messiness of data so you can focus on what matters most — Transforming Lives.

Here is how it works...

  • 1. Create a Project
  • 2. Design Your Dataset
  • 3. Invite Your Team
  • 4. Collect Data

    No internet connection? No problem!

  • 5. See Your Progress
  • 6. Repeat - It's that Simple!

Other Perks...

  • Unlimited records for 3 months (if you join us by July 8th!)
  • Import existing data OR design a custom survey for collection.
  • Ability to collect data offline + easily share and analyze data with any device you use online.
  • Secure data management + friendly support from real people.
  • Robust form building & reporting services to meet all of your needs (reach out, we want to help!)
  • Keep donors & leadership informed by telling your true story of progress, as it's happening. Don't delay the great news until your next annual report.